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Elder Abuse

August 15, 2019

What types of “caregivers” are there?

There are many people who may be involved in an older adult’s care. Especially in cases where an older adult is mentally not able to make decisions for him/herself, the law often refers to a caregiver as a “responsible adult.” The types of caregivers include:

  • Family members or informal caregivers, who could be a relative, partner, friend, or neighbor with a significant personal relationship with the older adult. They may provide many different kinds of assistance for an older adult, and may be the main person responsible for an older adult’s care.
  • Formal caregivers, who are paid workers or volunteers that assist and care for an older adult through an organization or other formal service. They may provide a variety of supportive services, both in an older adult’s home or through local, community services. These services can include assistance with bathing, chores, adult day services, transportation, and meals.1

1 This information is adapted from the Family Caregiver Alliance.

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