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Laws current as of September 18, 2019

Where can I find more information on T visas?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website provides information, instructions, and forms for T-visa applicants. Here you can view the USCIS T-visa page.

Where can I find services and help for victims of trafficking?

For services and help, please consider contacting the following resources:

  • The Office for Victims of Crime (“OVC”) website provides an extensive list of resources for victims of human trafficking. To visit the OVC website and see those resources, click here. To see a list of OVC resources by state, click here.
  • The Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Refugee Resettlement provides information and links to federal resources for victims of human trafficking.
  • The National Human Trafficking Resource Center is a non-government organization that assists victims of human trafficking. If you are not ready to contact government authorities, but would like more information about resources available to trafficking victims, call their hotline at: 1-888-373-7888 or you can send a text to 233733, which corresponds with the letters BeFree on your phone.