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Restraining Orders

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Laws current as of
January 23, 2024

Can a civil no contact order be changed (modified)?

You can file a motion to request that the judge modify (change) an emergency or plenary civil no contact order.1 However, once 30 days have passed since the judge issued you a plenary no contact order, the judge can only change the order if there has been a change in the law or the facts of your case, which causes the judge to believe that there should be a change of the terms of your order.2

The only time that the abuser can file to change an order is once the abuser is served with your emergency ex parte no contact order. The abuser can file a petition to request that the judge reopen the case and reconsider the petition based on the facts that:

  • the abuser did not receive prior notice of the initial hearing where the emergency ex parte order was entered; and
  • the abuser had a valid defense that would have prevented the judge from issuing the order or any of the relief issued in the order.3

If the abuser files this type of request, s/he only has to provide you with two days’ notice of the court hearing where the request will be decided by the judge.3

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