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Legal Information: Illinois

Restraining Orders

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January 23, 2024

Step 1: Go to circuit court and request a petition.

Go to the circuit court where you live, where the abuser lives, or where the abuse occurred.1  You can find a court near you by going to our IL Courthouse Locations page.  Note: If you are requesting exclusive possession of the home you share, you would generally go to the court in the county where that home is located but there are exceptions that may allow you to file in a neighboring county.2   Go to In which county can I file for an order of protection? for more information.

When in court, find the circuit court clerk and request a petition for an emergency order of protection.  The clerk will give you the forms, and may recommend that you work with a domestic violence legal advocate.

You may also be able to find the forms you need online through our IL Download Court Forms page.

Note: It may also be useful to bring identifying information about the abuser such as a photo (which may be used in serving the order to respondent); addresses of the abuser’s residence and employment; a description and plate number of the abuser’s car; and information about his/her gun ownership.

1 750 ICLS 60/209(a)
2 750 ICLS 60/209(a)(2); 750 ICLS 60/214(b)(2)