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How do I request a bill of particulars?

You can request that the other side provide a bill of particulars by sending a written “demand for a bill of particulars.” In your demand for a bill of particulars, you will ask the other side to expand on or explain their allegations. You have to point out the specific allegation that you want the other side to expand on and make sure s/he knows what other information or explanation you need. If you are not specific enough when you request a bill of particulars, the other side might not respond and will instead object to your request. For example, let’s say in your divorce case, your husband files for full custody and mentions in the petition that you don’t let him see the child enough. You likely would not be able to ask a question like, “Why don’t you think I would be a good custodial parent?” because that is too general. However, you could ask, “Please set forth specific examples of Defendant’s alleged interference with Plaintiff’s parental relationship with the child.”