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November 27, 2023

§ 6-202. Divorce, child custody and support, negligence, and actions against corporations

In addition to the venue provided in § 6-201 or § 6-203, the following actions may be brought in the indicated county:

(1) Divorce – Where the plaintiff resides;

(2) Annulment – Where the plaintiff resides or where the marriage ceremony was performed;

(3) Action against a corporation which has no principal place of business in the State – Where the plaintiff resides;

(4) Replevin or detinue – Where the property sought to be recovered is located;

(5) Action relating to custody, guardianship, maintenance, or support of a child – Where the father, alleged father, or mother of the child resides, or where the child resides;

(6) Suit on a bond against a corporate surety – Where the bond is filed, or where the contract is to be performed;

(7) Action for possession of real property – Where a portion of the land upon which the action is based is located;

(8) Tort action based on negligence – Where the cause of action arose;

(9) Attachment on original process – Where the property is located or where the garnishee resides;

(10) Nondelivery or injury of goods against master or captain of a vessel – Where the goods are received on board the vessel or where delivery is to be made under the contract;

(11) Action for damages against a nonresident individual – Any county in the State;

(12) Action against a person who absconds from a county or leaves the State before the statute of limitations has run – Where the defendant is found;

(13) In a local action in which the defendant cannot be found in the county where the subject matter of the action is located – In any county in which the venue is proper under § 6-201.