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November 27, 2023

36-3-603. Protection orders; duration

(a) If an order of protection is in effect at the time either the petitioner or respondent files a complaint for divorce, the order of protection shall remain in effect until the court to which the divorce action is assigned:
(1) Modifies the order;
(2) Dissolves the order; or
(3) Makes the order part of the divorce decree.
(b) If the court modifies the order or makes the order of protection part of the divorce decree, the court shall issue a separate order of protection.
(c) The clerk shall immediately forward a copy of any order of protection issued and any subsequent modifications to the petitioner, respondent, and the local law enforcement agencies having jurisdiction in the area where the petitioner resides in the manner provided by § 36-3-609(e).
(d) Nothing in this section shall prohibit a petitioner from requesting relief under this part in a divorce action.