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Elder Abuse

Updated: April 3, 2024

What can I do to protect myself against older adult abuse?

Even though abuse can still happen to anyone, these are some things you can do to try to protect yourself:

  • make sure to seek and maintain social and community support to avoid isolation;
  • have your own phone;
  • take care of your health;
  • seek professional help for drug, alcohol, and depression concerns;
  • plan for your future with a power of attorney or a living will so that you can address health and lifestyle decisions now; (Note: If someone else prepares these documents and asks you to sign them, try to get advice from a lawyer before signing);
  • post and open your mail - don’t let someone else do it for you;
  • don’t give personal information over the phone; and
  • use direct deposit for all checks.1

To learn about your legal rights or to get help preparing legal documents, such as a will, you can find attorneys in your state on our Finding a Lawyer page. For non-legal resources, go to Where can I find additional resources and help for older adult abuse?

1Elder Abuse Facts,” National Council on Aging