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Domestic Violence in the Military

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Laws current as of June 21, 2024

What are the steps for getting an MPO?

A Family Advocacy Program (FAP) victim advocate can support a victim in requesting that an MPO be issued by a commander. Any of the following people can also ask the commander to issue a military protective order (MPO):

  • a victim of abuse;
  • a victim advocate;
  • installation law enforcement; or
  • a Family Advocacy Program (FAP) clinician.

On the Military One Source website, you can find FAP contact information or use the DoD Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate Locator to find a local domestic abuse victim advocate. To read more about the process for getting an MPO issued, go to What will the process be like for getting an MPO? Will I have to be in the same room as the abuser?

Once an MPO is issued, you should receive a copy of the MPO from the commander. Be sure to ask for a written copy if you don’t receive one.

The military police, the Judge Advocate General’s office, the Military Criminal Investigative Organization, or the FAP are all resources you can contact for guidance. For more information on how to get help for domestic abuse, go to I am experiencing abuse in my relationship. How do I get help in the military system?