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November 28, 2023

25-4A-13. Objections to custody or visitation order--Hearing--Temporary order

If either party objects to the initial custody arrangement in § 25-4A-11 or the standard guidelines, the court shall order a hearing which shall be held not later than thirty days after the date of the objection. In making an order for temporary custody, the order for custody shall reflect the degree of each parent’s demonstrated participation in the child’s life. The court shall issue a temporary custody and visitation order after considering the best interests of the child consistent with the provisions of § 25-4-45. If the order for temporary custody results in less than a substantially equal parenting time, the court shall construct a parenting time schedule that maximizes the time each parent has with the child consistent with each parent’s demonstrated participation in the child’s life and is consistent with ensuring the child’s welfare. Each temporary custody order shall include specific findings of fact and conclusions of law, except if the court confirms the agreement of the parties.