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November 28, 2023

25-5-30. Circumstances suggesting serious detriment to child

Serious detriment to a child may exist whenever there is proof of one or more of the following extraordinary circumstances:
(1) The likelihood of serious physical or emotional harm to the child if placed in the parent’s custody;
(2) The extended, unjustifiable absence of parental custody;
(3) The provision of the child’s physical, emotional, and other needs by persons other than the parent over a significant period of time;
(4) The existence of a bonded relationship between the child and the person other than the parent sufficient to cause significant emotional harm to the child in the event of a change in custody;
(5) The substantial enhancement of the child’s well-being while under the care of a person other than the parent;
(6) The extent of the parent’s delay in seeking to reacquire custody of the child;
(7) The demonstrated quality of the parent’s commitment to raising the child;
(8) The likely degree of stability and security in the child’s future with the parent;
(9) The extent to which the child’s right to an education would be impaired while in the custody of the parent; or
(10) Any other extraordinary circumstance that would substantially and adversely impact the welfare of the child.